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Christopher Carrick

You’ve made a wise decision to take on self-sabotage and finally claim the success you deserve. Over the next month, you’ll learn to identify what activates your Saboteur and how to handle it. You’ll take back control
of progress in your business and life.

Get ready to sabotage your Saboteur, get out of your own way and get more done!

“Sabotaging Your Saboteur” Training course includes:

LIVE Instruction in a 4-part Teleseminar Series

Mark your calendar with these dates and times:

August 22 and 29
September 5 and 12
Noon Eastern time

Access to Members’ Portal and Webinars <== Please keep an eye out for an email with access information.

The portal is where you’ll find the following:

– Weekly Discovery Exercises to Encourage Practical Application
– Video and MP3 Recordings of Each Session
– Bonus #1 – Self-Sabotage Survey revealing your unique profile
– Bonus #2 – Scripts, Checklists Worksheets and More

Thanks again.  I look forward to getting started with you.

Christopher Carrick