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Finally! Learn to Stop Sabotaging Your Success so You Get More Done and Enjoy Working Effectively

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Dear Colleague,

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and wondered why the one thing you said was important didn’t get done? It feels like something is fighting you,or that you’re fighting yourself.

Bad news first: There probably **IS** something sabotaging your progress – and it can cripple your ability to be successful. The good news: You CAN harness this force so it can work WITH you instead of against you.

Join me for a free webinar on which you’ll discover:


What keeps you stuck and prevents you from reaching your goals (hint: it’s not laziness!)


Why the inner Saboteur is especially aggressive towards coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs


The 4-step sabotage sequence your Saboteur hopes you never learn!


Easy steps you can take to Sabotage the Saboteur, pursue your passion and grow your business


Why the appearance of your inner Saboteur is a good thing (Wait … what?!)

Sabotage the Saboteur

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Accomplish Your Goals

Hosted by Samantha Hartley and Christopher Carrick

With new awareness you can break free from frustration and begin a new era of productivity.

Christopher Carrick

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